What To Expect When Applying For Helicopter Pilot Flight Training

27 June 2022
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If you've been thinking about helicopter pilot flight school as your next career opportunity, you've probably already started looking at your options. One thing you will find is that the application and qualification process can be more extensive than you might have thought. Understanding what to expect from this process is an important first step toward your preparation and improving the chances of acceptance to the flight school of your choice. Here's a look at some of the most important aspects of your helicopter pilot flight school application process. 

Prepare For The Interview

Once your application has passed the initial review, you may be called for a preliminary interview. This interview is usually the first step toward determining whether or not you're a good fit as a student for the flight school. The interview is an opportunity to assess your knowledge, your personality, and how well you would fit with the culture, environment, and student body. Be prepared to discuss why you're interested in education from that particular flight school, as well as provide any information about existing experience and knowledge.

Expect The Aptitude Test

Most flight schools include an aptitude test as part of their admissions process. It includes math, statistics, physics, and general IQ-related questions that you'll have to complete within a specified time limit. This part of the process is important because flying a helicopter is no small feat, and it requires a specific level of aptitude to be able to do it safely.

Complete The Simulation

If you pass the aptitude test, you may be asked to complete a simulation. When a simulation is used, it's typically done as a way to test your inherent abilities and your willingness to follow instructions. This is important because you will need to be able to follow careful instructions and learn quickly to safely pilot a helicopter.

Obtain Your Medical Clearance

If you pass all of the other steps of the application process for helicopter pilot training, you'll finally need to have a physical. Medical clearance is the last stage but, arguably, the most important. Certain health conditions and medical history issues can be a concern, as well as vision issues, unregulated blood sugar problems, and more. Make sure that you're in good health and you should pass this part of the process easily.

Talk with a local admissions counselor for your local flight school if you want to get your helicopter pilot's license. Follow these steps through the application and admissions process to see if you're a good candidate for helicopter pilot flight training classes.