5 Advantages Of Training As A Freight Broker Agent

19 February 2021
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Today, many people are flocking freight brokerage schools or taking online courses to train as agents. That is because of the lucrative career opportunities that come with this role. If you are thinking about what next after completing your freight training course, read on to find out more about the benefits that are awaiting you ahead after finishing freight broker training.

Unlimited Earning Opportunities

After training as a freight broker agent, you stand to get compensations based on the commissions earned from freight booking and shipping. This career is suited for self-motivated starters rather than individuals focused on a 9-5 job with a standard paycheck. Since you earn according to your productivity, you get the chance to make as much money as you wish — as long as you put in the required effort.

Lower Start-Up Financing

There is always the fear of massive upfront costs required to run a company for most start-up businesses. Things such as licensing, insurance cover, business space, and payroll add to the charges.

However, as a freight agent, you can quickly skip these start-up costs by working with a seasoned freight broker who is already deeply rooted in the industry. You can be representing their business but at the same time, keep your clients through their firm.

There Are No Territorial Limitations

As a freight broker agent, you can offer your services within the nation or beyond the borders. Most agents will operate domestically when handling shipping operations, but there are no restrictions on how big you can expand your businesses. As such, that offers unique opportunities for freight broker agents to go the extra mile in scaling their enterprise.

You Can Work Online or From Home

Training as a freight broker agent gives you the freedom to run all of your business operations from the comfort of your couch. Most TMS today are web-based, which means you can access load boards from your computer.

All you require apart from that is a mobile phone to manage call requests on your freight. You will be able to make money while at home. You get the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world since you wouldn't be stuck in one workplace.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Finally, for most individuals working in a 9-5 job, they only get to enjoy a few paid vacations a year. That means they are only allowed a specific period to handle personal matters by their employers.

However, working as a sole freight agent gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. You take vacations, attend birthdays, go to parties, and do what you want as you please. Since no one is compensating you for your time, you enjoy an excellent work-life balance.