Suggestions For Getting Rid Of An Unused Car

24 May 2017
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Did you get threatened to be fined if you don't do something about an old car that has been sitting by the curb unused for a long time? Rather than getting fined for a car that you don't use, there are several ways that you can resolve the situation. You must determine if you want to make a profit off of the vehicle, or if you simply want to get rid of it. Keep in mind that the vehicle might still be usable if it doesn't currently work. In this article, you find a few suggestions to give you a good idea in regards to getting rid of your old car.

1. Give the Car to Someone in Need

One of the rewarding things to consider for getting rid of your old car is to give it to someone in need. For instance, if there are any families that are without a vehicle, you can choose one to give the car to. The vehicle will be helpful for taking children to school, going to and from work, as well as taking care of other family needs. Giving the car to a college student is another option that you can consider. With college fees usually being so high, a student without transportation can really appreciate your donation.

2. Sell Your Car to a Junkyard

If you are looking to make a little money from your old car, a junkyard might be worth contacting. The reason why is because you are likely to be offered money no matter what kind of condition the vehicle is in. For instant, it doesn't matter if the body is severely dented up and the vehicle doesn't move. The reason why you will be offered money is because every part of the vehicle can possibly be resold at the junkyard, depending on their overall condition. Another perk of contacting a junkyard is that they might come and tow the car away without charging you.

3. Contact a Trade School to Donate the Car

If you want to help in a big way, consider donating your car to a trade school that advertises "donate my car." The donating will be appreciated because sometimes it is difficult for school institutions to afford such expensive resources for students. The ideal type of trade school that could use a car donation is one that teaches students skills in the auto industry. Your car can be used by the instructors to teach students about the various parts of a car.